NEW BOOK released at STOCKHOLMIA 2019: The UPU regulations for all types of mail 1875-1907 is included in my handbook: "Danish Postal History 1875-1907"

My new handbook “Danish Postal History 1875-1907” will be released at Stockholmia on the 28th of May 2019. It includes all UPU regulations and rates in centimes for all types of mail 1875-1907, and therefore is highly relevant to collectors and exhibitors of the 1875-1907 period from almost all countries in the world. Volume 1 includes all domestic rates. Volume 2-4 all international rates. Volume 5 has the references and complete listings of the rarity level of every rate – domestic and international – for all types of mail 1875-1907. The 6-volume premium edition includes full illustrations of my 3 large gold medal exhibits plus 73 pages of advice on optimizing your scorers in exhibiting. The books can be ordered at the home page of Heinrich Köhler.

Corrections to the book can be found in this pdf file:
corrections_to_the_book.pdf - 438 kB
A sample chapter (the one about UPU money orders) from the book can be downloaded by pressing here:
mouritsen_upu_money_orders_only_maintext_references_rarityinformation2.pdf - 1 MB
Here is Jonas Hällström's foreword:
foreword_jonas_hallstrom.pdf - 165 kB

Henrik Mouritsen's site for sale of my surplus philatelic material

The most beautiful 24 sk. letter recorded to Norway. Sent with direct ship!The most beautiful 24 sk. letter recorded to Norway. Sent with direct ship!

Hallo, my name is Henrik Mouritsen. I have been collecting stamps since I was 9 years old and I have been an active exhibitor since 1991.

Currently, I have three competitive exhibits: “Danish Postal Rates 1875-1906”, “The bicoloured stamps of Denmark 1875-1907”, and “The classic postal stationery of Denmark 1865-1905”. I am also a national and international FIP judge and member of multiple philatelic societies.

If you have top-quality material available that may potentially be useful in one of my exhibits, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am a serious cash buyer and is of course also open to any form of exchange against such items.

Previously, I also collected Denmark in general and the bi-coloured stamps of the Danish West Indies. I am very serious about improving my exhibits and I therefore often buy material for the exhibits, even if the items are only slight upgrades compared to what I had previously. At other times, I have to buy a lot to get a few items for my exhibits. As a part of this process over the last 20 years, I have accumulated quite a bit of surplus material, or material that I once collected, but which I am now not quite so interested in anymore. On this page, I offer some of the best parts of this surplus material for sale. There are some key items in excellent condition available for purchase, especially from areas that I do no longer collect so intensively.

I would like to remind potential buyers that the prices on this page are end-prices. Remember that, at Danish auctions, you would have to pay 25% on top of your winning bid price. To compare my prices to auction knock-down prices, you should therefore deduct 20% from the prices indicated here!

All significant material are kept in a bank safe at a separate location. At my home, I only keep colour copies of my better material!

Conditions of sale:

The prices are fixed and generally non-negotiable. As mentioned above, I am a private person offering a few surplus items from my collections for private sale.

All items are offered subject to availability (sometimes I do not have the time to update the page regularly, and an item may therefore already be sold to somebody else). I also reserve the right to decide not to sell an item without giving any specific reason.

A fixed sum of 8 euro (60 DKK), which will cover the actual average cost of registered postage and packaging, will be added to all orders totalling less than 1000 euro.

Pre-payment only! I only accept wire transfer to a Danish account in DKK or to a German account in EURO (buyer pays any wire transfer costs). No item will be shipped before I have seen that the full amount has arrived on my account. For American buyers only: I can accept payment via Paypal in US$ (I will convert the DKK price to US$ according to the mean bank rate of the day in then add 4% to cover the Paypal fees, if this option is chosen).

I provide a one month 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you – for any reason – are not happy with the item you have received, you must inform me (email and postal address can be found under “Contact” and “Imprint”) in writing (by email or letter) within 1 month. After I have received the item back in exactly the same condition as I shipped it in, I will wire the price for the item as indicated on the webpage back to your account (I will not refund the 6 euro registered postage costs and I will not refund any wire transfer or Paypal costs you may have paid).

I am a private person with an exciting but very time-consuming job as a university professor. My job includes quite a bit of traveling and stressful periods, where I cannot prioritize my philatelic hobby, so expect 2-6 weeks delivery time (in exceptional cases it can be even longer).

Karsten Jensen's survey of Danish covers sent to foreign destinations 1851-1906

The only recorded Danish insured letter sent to a non-European destinationThe only recorded Danish insured letter sent to a non-European destination

Since 1979, Karsten Jensen has compiled and constantly updated a survey of all stamp franked covers sent to foreign destinations and Danish possessions 1851-1905. This survey includes tens of thousands of covers and has been conducted over more than 40 years by systematically going through ALL major auction catalogues, the literature and collections and through the help of many major dealers and collectors including the author of this home page. The thoroughness of this survey is to my knowledge unsurpassed in any country. If you use this survey for the first time, it is important to read the introduction! 1K = 1 recorded, 2K = 2 recorded, R5 = 2-3 recorded, R4 = 4-10 recorded, R3 = 11-25 recorded, R2 = 26-100 recorded, R1 = >100 recorded. The survey is made publicly available, free of charge, by Karsten Jensen, right here:

Karsten Jensens registrering af danske udlandsforsendelser 1851-1906
dkbreve13.pdf - 10 MB

33 ore parcel letter 1. kvartal 1875Parcel letter for a parcel weighing 5 pounds sent during the first quarter of 1875, where special conversion rules from skilling to øre currency created uneven rates valid only for three months. Only recorded example of the 33 øre rate.

A survey of Domestic Danish covers

Over the last fifteen years, I have compiled and constantly updated a survey of domestic Danish covers franked by Danish stamps 1851-1906. I have been through all major Danish auktion catalogues, a lot of other philatelic literature and magazines and many collections. My survey is inspired by fellow collector and researcher Kasten Jensen's survey described above. The results of my survey can be found in Volume 5 of my handbook “Danish Postal History 1875-1907”.

If you have ANY special domestic Danish covers from this period, which are not recorded in my handbook, please send me a scan in an email. I will then make updates to the information in my handbook available here approximately once per year. If you have any special covers to foreign destinations, you can also send scans to me. I will then forward them to Karsten Jensen.